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Energy drinks are NOT sport drinks. Let’s start there. Energy drinks are marketed to consumers (kids!) as a way to fight fatigue, gain clarity or even boost vitamin intake. The marketing machines behind these products are enormous and very appealing to children. They contain a variety of ingredients which on their own can be healthy, but overall, they are full of sugar and caffeine which for a growing body – or anybody for that matter – can have many adverse effects. has listed 15+ energy drink dangers which are more than scary, and should be taken seriously. Pediatricians world wide warn that they should be avoided and in some countries they have even banned the sale of these drinks to minors. Make no mistake, they should NOT be part of your child’s nutritional plan.

Sport drinks are a little different but still pose hazards. Water, sugar and minerals like salt, potassium and magnesium are the key components. While they can help replenish electrolytes which are lost when you sweat, the increase in refined sugar in the diet can play a role in childhood obesity and tooth decay.

While water and a healthy diet should provide you with all the replenishment you need both during and after exercise, there are some homemade options available if you would like to try main your own. Check out the links below for some great ideas and customize them to suit your taste.

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