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According to About Kids Health even moderate exercise can help greatly with maintaining a child’s mental wellbeing. This is due to the endorphins which the brain releases during exercise. These endorphins can help to improve mood, energy levels and even help with sleep.

Interestingly, children who struggle in school can also find benefit to regular exercise and this is reflected in their scholastic performance. Because  exercise leads to improved motor skills (such as hand-eye co-ordination), it also aids in better thinking and problem-solving, stronger attention skills and improved overall learning.

In addition, exercise can reduce anxiety, improve relationships and body image, something which is plaguing children at an earlier age than ever before. Feeling a sense of accomplishment through regular exercise, whether that be in a team situation or individually, can greatly improve self worth. The act of sharing experiences with others, developing rapport and working towards common goals can help a child focus, and develop confidence and foster friendships in school if the activities are school-based.

Starting early with good habits of regular exercise, proper nutrition and positive reinforcement will lay the groundwork to help children overcome obstacles and maintain a positive mental outlook. Get outside with your kids. Set good examples and participate in activities as a family. The mental and physical benefits will reach beyond the child and create an uplifting environment for everyone.

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