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Protein balls, energy bites, whatever you want to call them, these little balls of goodness are all the rage. Perfect for little athletes on the go to help them refuel their bodies. You can find them at your farmer’s market, gym, health food store or even at your local supermarket. They are powerhouses of nutrition which contain various ingredients from fruits to nuts to protein powders and everything in between. They are perfect after a practice, a game, or anytime you need to rebuild little muscles.

The only problem is, they are generally expensive to buy. Yet they are so easy to make, generally no-bake, and quick to assemble, you will kick yourself for not trying to make them sooner.

If your child has nut allergies, it can be a little trickier as nuts and nut butters are usually the key component, but there are some alternatives out there. Here are some of my favourites for you to try:

Gingerbread Energy Balls (dates for sweetness)

Banana Oat Energy Balls (nut free)

Chocolate Chickpea Protein Balls (chickpeas!!!)

Toasted Coconut Trail Mix Bites (YUM)

Unicorn Glitter Protein Balls (if you are feeling extra creative)

These are just a sample but there are soooo many recipes out there. You are sure to find some which will appeal to your whole family. Freezing these is a fantastic way to keep them fresh and packable.

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